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Sir Elon Musk! What are you Jenmaya? Are you really a man?

Sir Elon Musk! What are you Jenmaya? Are you really a man?

Elon Musk Reveals The Terrifying and impressive length of his working week

There is no need for introducing Elon Musk among scientists and enthusiasts.

A Little Introduction to Unknown: Elon Musk - Canadian, American businessman, inventor and investor born in South Africa, is the CEO and CEO of SpaceX and Chief Technical Officer and 
Chief Executive Officer of Tesla Motors. According to the Forbes Business Magazine, net worth of Elon Musk is $ 15.7 billion.

If you say so much, you can come back to remember one thing. Adappa tied a red tesla car into space, which traveled to Mars - he himself

Elon Musk Multi billionaire

The multilayer makes no difference to the billionaire whatsoever he will do, "said Elan Musk, because Elan Musk simply did not get the money, everything was hard work, and it was a very good example of his one-week weekend.

Elon Musk I'm sleeping so long

I have been sleeping for so long time. "I have been resting for seven days," says Elon. In the wake of seeing that account, "Would you say you are on the whole person?" The question will arise automatically.

He works 90 hours
The 90-hour working hours are 168 hours a week, furthermore, a great many people work for somewhere in the range of 8 and 9 hours on a normal day and work for 56 to 63 hours. Notwithstanding for 10 hours, even 70 hours. But Elon Musk is working 90 hours a week, meaning every 13 hours a day.

The time has come to work

The time has come to work has increased and this is an extraordinary and long-lasting working time. He has uncovered this data in a discussion with his fans on Twitter. "Lately, the opportunity has arrived to work, however I'd like to cut 80 hours from next year to 80 hours." Said Elon Musk.

26 million In the meanwhile, how does Elon enjoy the content of 26 million followers in his Twitter feed at the rest of the time? Another unexpected when he tops off.

Electric car

The electric car handled a 'painful attempt' under the initiative to take the growth of his electric car company last year. Tesla brought the project 'every one hundred hours a week' to keep life alive. He also committed himself to work 17 hours a day. It is noteworthy that he spent only 7 hours to eat and drink everyday.

Tesla's work
Musk also shared Tesla's work for more than 100 hours, saying: "Tesla's Model 3 production suffered heavy bets during a rising competition from the large, traditional car companies, while Tesla's work simply did not produce and expel an electric car. Tesla is energy We want to be a futuristic contingent, so we worked over 100 hours. "

Rocket science

If you think that the rocket science is going to sleep well for the billionaires, change that idea altogether. Elon Musk is an outstanding example of the fact that even if the electric cars from the first rocket science are the boss of many industries,

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